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College Ready

Upward Bound is an educational opportunity and college access program funded by the U.S. Department of Education. WVU Upward Bound provides school year and summer programs and services to help students develop the skills and motivation necessary to achieve their goals, do well in high school, and enroll in and graduate from college. The program has been continuously funded since 2007.

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Students must attend Preston High School and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Income-eligible as defined by the federal government (see the chart below).
    • Family taxable income (line 15 of 1040 tax form) is at or below the amount listed:
              Family/Household Size                 Taxable Income Level
                              1                           $21,870
                              2                           $29,580
                              3                           $37,290
                              4                           $45,000
                              5                           $52,710
                              6                           $60,420
                              7                           $68,130
                              8                           $75,840

  • Student will be the first generation to attend college (neither parent has completed a 4-year college degree).


  • Academic Support & Rigor
        -Tutoring & hands-on academic programs
        -Access to college-level coursework and instruction
        -Pay for dual-enrollment courses and college credits
        -Research and job-shadowing experiences
  • Personalized Success Coaching
        -Goal-setting & progress monitoring
        -Course selection & individualized support
        -UB staff members working at PHS
  • Program Structure
        -UB courses at PHS (9th & 12th grade)
        -After school sessions (twice per month)
  • College Preparation and Assistance
        -Help with college applications, scholarships, and financial aid
        -Transition to college
        -SAT/ACT Prep
  • Social Experiences
        -Saturday Programs
        -Campus Visits & Trips
        -Residential Summer Program
  • Free
        -All services and programs are free to participants
  • Stipends
        -Earn up to $20 per month during the school year
        -Earn up to $60 per month during the summer
        -Earn up to $300 per month for summer work-study
  • Track Record of Success
Since program inception in 2007, 76% of UB students enrolled in post-secondary education immediately after high school, which is 9 points higher than the national college-going rate and 25 points higher than the state rate during the same time period.

employment opportunities

 Upward Bound is not currently hiring for any positions.

Check back in early 2024 for summer employment postings!


Fall 2023 Saturday Programs:

October 7-Adventure WV
November 10-Glenville State and Fairmont State

Spring 2024 Saturday Programs:

February 10
March 2
April 2-3-Washington, D.C. Trip

2024 Summer Program:

Rising Senior Academy (June 23-July 12)
Summer Experience (June 23-July 12)
Summer Bridge and Rising Senior Early Start (June 23-August 2)